CTWC Lone Star Qualifier

Qualify for the CTWC Lone Star Qualifier, hosted by Classic Tetris Monthly, Classic Game Fest, and Game Over Video Games!

For the main qualifier, quals will be number of maxouts + kicker, following the CTWC rules for qualifying. There will be 12 seeds available. You'll have three ways to qualify:

1) Qualify in line at the event! Quals will open at 9 AM with last game called at 12:45 PM. We will have 8 stations available, though some will be reserved as rental stations. The convention opens for VIPs at 9 AM and to general audiences at 10 AM.

You can choose one of the following, but not both.

2A) 1 hour rental stations in person at the event! If you are interested in a qualifying station, please fill out this form. We'll try to accommodate as many folks as possible in their preferred time. Each rental station is $10, and you'll be able to reserve 1 slot for 1 hour. Submit the form by Thursday 11:59 PM CT; we'll announce rental station times on Friday: Google Form

2B) Online via the CTM website! You'll be given an authword, 1 hour for quals. You'll submit the number of maxouts plus your highest kicker, HANDCAM REQUIRED! You can start your qualifier any time before Friday, July 22 at 3 PM.

So basically, everyone can wait in line and qualify at the event, but you can additionally either qualify online or with a rental station. I think that's everything, but if you have any questions, reach out via our Discord!

Qualifying for this event is closed.