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Purchase recommended products to start streaming Tetris! Use the exact links below to support the channel, build your Tetris stream, and join the world of Classic Tetris:

Consoles, Controllers, Cartridge

Classiq N Console – Analog Output
8-bit Entertainment System – Analog Output
Retron1 HD – HDMI Output
Hyperkin Cadet Controller
Everdrive, for your legally acquired ROMs

Streaming Equipment

EZ Capture Card – For Original Analog Hardware Outputs
AV Splitter – For Original Analog Hardware Outputs
EZCap CameraLink – For Cheap HDMI Capture
Elgato HD60 – For HDMI Capture
Logitech c920x Webcam

For Serious Tetris Gamers Only

Eric's Gloves
Fractal's Lotion
Huff's Gloves
Somalian's Gloves
Replacement Rubber Pads Sticky Pads

vandweller's Chair

Ecstasy of Order
Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters Book
Tetris GFuel
Every Block in Its Right Place Album

Tetris Effect Connected – Switch Digital
Tetris Effect Connected – PS4 Physical