Match Reporting -- Updated February 6th, 2022

You must have website perms to report! Request from vandweller. If you encounter an issue with any step of this process, contact dexfore if it's a technical issue or a moderator otherwise.

Scheduling a match

From a tournament page, find the match you want to schedule. Click the match number to visit the match page.

At the top of the page, you should see a "Schedule" button and a "Report" button. If you do not, it is because either (a) you don't have restream permissions, (b) the match is not restreamable, or (c) the match has been reported as complete. If you think this is in error, contact an admin.

Clicking the "Schedule" button brings you to a form. Fill out the Twitch channel the match will be streamed on (this requires you to have !summoned classictetrisbot to your Twitch channel) and the match's scheduled start time. Select the start time in your local time zone; once selected, it will be displayed in both your local time zone and UTC for confirmation.

Submit the form. The tournament page should now show your match as scheduled.

If you need to reschedule a match: 

Go to the match page and click the "Reschedule" button. Proceed as before.

If you need to cancel a match:

Go to the match page and click the "Unschedule" button.

Reporting match results

Go to the match page and click the "Report" button. Select how many games each player won, a link to the VOD of the match, and the match's end time (if reporting well after the fact).

Ensure all details are correct and submit. Once match results are submitted, only an admin can change them. The tournament page will then show the match results and the winner will be advanced to the next round.

Restreamer Website Permissions

For now, if you are a restreaming and unable to report on the website, ask on Discord in #ask-mods-or-make-suggestions to add your website perms.