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Tolerable Qual. Have some cloud facts. It is impossible to get large raindrops with clouds that exist solely in above freezing temperatures. The word “cloud” comes from the old English words “clud” or “clod” meaning lump of land or lump of rock, which in the 13th century was extended to apply to the lumps of water in the sky. An average cumulus cloud weighs the same as a jumbo jet – about 500 tonnes. Dandruff floating in the atmosphere helps form clouds. Water needs a surface to turn from vapor to liquid and aerosols (tiny particles suspended in gas) such as dandruff, pollen, algae, fur and bacteria are particularly good at absorbing moisture in the air. 10,000 light years away from Earth, there is a huge cloud of alcohol. It is 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system and contains enough alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints.The Boeing factory in Seattle is so massive that rain clouds began to form inside the facility until a state-of-the-art air circulation system was installed. Those clouds that look like fish skin/scales are a pretty reliable indicator of a change in weather (often rain) in the next 6-12 hours. The building blocks of clouds are water and particles—of dust, dirt, or sea salt—known as cloud condensation nuclei.