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Ella I think you're misusing the word "better". Even if you really simplify it and just take the wells into account, you can conclude that it is easier to get pieces to column 4 than column 10, since it is a 2-tap instead of a 4-tap, and if it takes less speed to get the piece to the column, the height potential for the well is stronger. From my perspective, you are arguing that it is likely for right well to be superior to center well, but my theory is that the optimal height potential is what makes up the optimal well, regardless of difficulty when it comes to stacking decisions, because stacking decisions are only difficult if you are inexperienced. I can see how center well would be problematic for speeds slower than 29, because the main objective of speeds slower than 1G are to be efficient and score highly, when survival is the main objective of 29, meaning the accommodation drawback of centerwell on slower speeds wouldn't apply to killscreen. Also, it is very easy to get into a 3-tap loop while building up the right, also allowing you to stack higher, meaning on top of the height potential around the well, you also have added mobility with the clearance of the right side of the board. As you can see, I was trying to make this same point with 5-taps vs. 4-taps. Since you have to tap less times, you have more frames, which is why a 5-tap is significantly harder than a 4-tap. Because of this idea, stacking to the limit of 4-tapping will be higher than the limit of 5-tapping, meaning you will have more room to stack, meaning more room to burn, dig, and the situations you encounter will just be easier to navigate overall, leading me to believe that stacking with 5-taps is worse than stacking with 4-taps, and using centerwell on 29 is better than using right well on 29. Less taps = more frames = needing less speed, and if you require less speed, that means using the same method, you can achieve greater using the same effort.