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gerald_freeman's Qualifier

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Counterpickcaps is a cool new format in which, instead of every game being played on the same linecap, the loser of each game in the set picks the format for the next game. The list of available linecaps for game 1 is 39, 45, 49, 36floor, and 39floor. the linecap for game 1 is chosen via a stage strike system, in which players take turns banning linecaps until only one remains. Upon losing the first game, the losing player has a choice of 2 additional caps, 36 and nocap. If a player wins on a cap that they counterpicked, they may no longer choose that cap for the remainder of the set. This means that in a 5-game set, there would always be a wide variety of linecaps to play with. This results in not only interesting gameplay, but also interesting decision-making outside the game for both players. aGamescout, in the lopsided case where both players are skill-mismatched, the game is unlikely to make it to game 5, so your fear of every other game being dreary lineout every time is unlikely to happen anyway.