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TomelloSoulMan's Qualifier

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[Best @ 11:08, 2nd @ 45:43] Many things to say: recently got a Famicom and I have no adapter for my old Tetris carts, and Everdrive is still on its way, so got to use Tetris from the multicart called "Forever Games of NES". It's the official ROM and my only way to play Tetris, so hope it's ok... And sound is weird and greatly out of sync with video, forgot to fix it before starting the qual. Well, that's all. What more do you want me to say? Yeah, trash qual. Not so trash for my standards tho. But expected at least a 500k. Not today I guess. Oh, happy holidays btw. And yeah, I guess dancing is not compatible with consistent Tetris playing, too many misdrops. But Vulfpeck is Vulfpeck. Maybe I'll have to play worse music in next quals. News shows music is hard to dance, maybe I'll choose that next time. Well, this is getting long... Happy new year everybody