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luis_tetris's Qualifier

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Nice qual overall. In the beggining I was very nervous, due to the fact that I had injured my hand a few days prior. It was very rewarding that I was able to get a 1.2 very early in the qual. After some tough games, I was able to pull of one last 1.2 to end the qualifier with a 1.24 average. I'm really happy with this qual, but I know I'm able to do better in the future. I hope I can learn from this qual, to then improve in order to be able to beat all the barriers possible in my tetris journey. Happy with the qual, and hoping for a nice seed. Also I need to talk about some people who helped me throughout this journey. First all shoutout to Somalian for disctracting me in the first games, and predicting the outcome of my 1.2 and then 1.0 game. Also, he needs to be banned from the channel, because he said Messi > Ronaldo. Also I need to give a shoutout to Dekk_CL, for remind me, that I needed to breathe and I needed to blink during the qual. Without that information, for sure I wouldn't be able to either breath or blink, and I would be in the hospital by this time. I'm super thankful that he was able to remind me that I needed to do that. Also, he prayed for me that I was not going to pass out. I also need to give a shoutout to doodle, triskai, and Dewjd for whatching nearly the whole qual, and giving me average updates when I was lazy to calculate them precisely. Shoutout to boxie3210, the other portuguese player who was able to get a maxout average, finally we have two portuguese players in the same month with a maxout average at least. We're fortunate to have such good players here in Portugal, as we are a minority in the world, because we're only known due to Ronaldo. Don't worry, after this we will be world famous Boxie. Last, but not the least a shoutout to NinjaOfNinjas5, for appearing in the end of the qualifier, and saying "hi" to congratulate me in the end of the qual. I'm really thankful for the support that he gave me during other streams. And also, I'm happy that 2022 is ending. It was awesome year for me, and I achieved many things during this year. I hope that 2023 is even better than 2022, and that everyone meets their goal and expectations for the next year. I'm happy that this was my last tetris achievement in 2022. I was finally able to beat my qualifier pb. I hope next year I'm able to be healthy, I want to be sucessfull, I want to do my best the competitions I take part, includind math competitions, trying the b5b champion, and I want peace in the world. Thank you for your time reading. I really aprecciate it. I'm sorry if I didn't write a lot, I was really busy. Alright now seriously, I'm sorry for the long text, just wanted to do this once. A really good qual! :)