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triskai_skye's Qualifier

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bizarre games, mildly scuffed qual. forgot to demonstrate stencil readiness, but I haven't changed this scene since using it for ctm/ctl, I don't see how it wouldn't still work. that prob wouldn't be a dq I'm guessing but no problem if it is. two of the non-ao3 games had 4-taps in post, I think they were technically legal (bars 4-5 right and 7 right, both after quicktaps to the left) but gosh I need to get myself under control, I shouldn't be doing that in a das comp even if it's within the letter of the rules. (tried it in an ao3 game, changed my mind halfway through, hung 7 right, somehow greentea'd another bar over :skull:) on console so I used input display. I do have a handcam setup in case I fluke top 8, it's just really inconvenient and stressful to use. a bunch of 700ks, a bunch of early tops. so idk what to expect from comp... top scores: game 5: 785,133 game 8: 795,503 game 11: 747,343