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threestwoschess's Qualifier

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hey gamer Qual starts when posted in link, timer broke like 10 minutes in so went to CTM chat and Jordan said to just do 50 more minutes, ended up not using all that time because I'm a sleepyhead Honestly happy with this qual despite the low score, about where I was a year ago which is pog despite not playing much You'll find the first game at like 1.12.49 and the 2nd game ironically enough was right after at 1.21.02 so consistency ig yay Made some decent placements and in hindsight qual at like 11pm isn't my best idea, but glad to be playing competition tetris again so pog, had some nice adjustments too like some five and belows and the oj thing or whatever it is, sentences don't exist lol My goal for the next CTM qual next month is to try and get a 550k or 600k average, I think that would be pretty cool and poggers ok thank you for reading this thank you qual checkers your work is great I hope this doesn't break the bot pls ok bye goodbye