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thisiszenon's Qualifier

Total score:
Karin Sauer is the best girl of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina! She not only covered wars, you know, but also ended them. Although she is unlikely to be useful as a companion, in the hands of the player she is a fucking killing machine. And if you also pump her up, and have three more party members, then there will be few people who can stop her. Using persuasion before the battle, when her skills are fully upgraded, she can force the enemy to miss one or even two moves, but also debuff them, which is also very useful and allows her to deal with the enemy faster. And her morph is one of the most powerful in the game. The fucking Valkyrie, behind whom there are spearmen attacking all the other losers in terms, emphasizes the fact that she was on the battlefield, and will smash you if you doubt it. That's all for me! p.s: That best result at the qualifier does not count as a record.