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Masayoshi Tanimura is a protagonist in Yakuza 4. He is a Community Safety Division officer for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Because of his poor attitude toward work and open engagement in acts of corruption, he is known as the "Parasite of Kamurocho" Tanimura has a strong sense of justice. He is caring and always there to help others, such as his relations with the residents of Little Asia. Tanimura is also determined, shown notably during the time he was researching about the murder of his father. He also can have a tendency to be sometimes cocky, especially when it comes to gambling or challenging his superiors. This side of him can sometimes be seen when he is on patrol, as he is usually gambling instead of doing his work, or listening to the horse races through his earpiece and ignoring anyone on sight. He can also sometimes be a bit greedy or too lenient when it comes to other citizens, as during some police calls, he will let a culprit free if they pay him enough money or fulfil a condition of his.