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TetrisAlexT's Qualifier

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NES Tetris is a game of precision and luck to outscore your opponents before the final speed of the game, level 39. It is commonly known as the "Super Killscreen" through pieces falling 1/6 of a second per drop. I was in the biggest Tetris Tournament ever hosted, known as the "Mega Masters," which featured 100 players trying to win the first-place prize pool. I put every ounce of focus on every match I have faced, knowing every player is a contender. For example, in the finals, where everything was on the line, it was a decisive game where my opponent and I pushed each other, resulting in a new Tetris world record! I had set the current highest score into level 39 while my opponent had the second highest. The ending of the match was historical and had to be the best match ever! Can someone review my paragraph and tell me how to improve it? Trying to improve MY ENGLISH