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ATTENTION! VERY BAD GOOGLE TRANSLATE! Usually I don’t make such notes or texts (whatever you want to call it), but why not make an exception to the rule. Only Gaben knows what guided me when I bought Life is Strange: True Colors at a discount, considering that I still haven’t completed the sequel even on torrents. But what's done is done! I completed the first episode, it took me almost three hours (hence, I won’t issue a refund), and here are my thoughts on the first episode from each point, starting from the least important, ending with the main part of the game. Music So far it’s difficult for me to say anything about music. Deck Nine, unlike Before the Storm, took the same approach that Dontnod took with the first game. Most of the songs are licensed from existing tracks. From what I heard, I only recognized Creep Radiohead, and even then it was a cover from the main character. Perhaps the soundtrack will reveal itself in the next episodes. Graphics, Environment and Design What is really done conscientiously in the game is the graphics. Compared to the first Life is Strange and Before the Storm, the picture in the game is done with a bang! The visuals and character models are done perfectly, and it no longer gives the impression that someone is using the pencil effect (I don’t give a fuck about what I wrote), and the game works consistently, giving out 60 fepes. Haven Springs itself is a very exotic place from an architectural point of view. The feeling is as if you were not in a modern town like Arcadia Bay, but in some city from the Wild West, which took a giant leap in time. There are actually some points that I didn’t really like about the design, but I’ll talk about them in a full review (if it ever comes out). Characters It’s still quite early to talk about the characters, but with regards to the main characters, there are. For example, the Chief Warden of the city, represented by Ryan, may seem like some kind of shy kid (especially in comparison with his brother Alex). However, when it comes to some kind of emergency (the same search for a boy who decided to completely repeat the plot of his own comic book), then he becomes a serious and confident person who understands that his job is the safety of residents, and not to listen Birdsong. I was extremely pleased to see again an old friend Stephanie, who appeared in Before the Storm, and whom Deck Nine did not want to leave as a minor character. She, even without her sidekick Mikey, is still such a geek, and is still a friendly girl who doesn’t mind having fun. Yes! She appears only twice in the first episode, but I’m sure that Deck Nine will be able to reveal it in the following episodes. It’s too early to talk about the main character herself, Alex Chen. On the one hand, unlike Max, she is a more open girl, who finds it much easier to communicate with people, even those whom she involuntarily harmed (more on that later). On the other hand, there is still a slight lack of self-confidence, especially considering her past, which left an unpleasant mark. And her superpower (more on that later), which she received while still living in a juvenile colony, does not make her life any better. Nevertheless, like Max Chloe, Alex is smart and resourceful enough (only she figured out that that kid wants to repeat the plot of his own comic book), and she’s brave enough to get that same guy out of the ass he got himself into started it. But her older brother Gabe Chen for some reason reminds me of Rachel Amber! Judge for yourself! He comes from who knows where, but at the same time, he was able to fit into this collective farm like a glove. A cheerful, friendly, and charming goofball guy who seems to be able to get along with almost everyone. So was Rachel, who could find a common language even with people who were alienated from the world, like Chloe. Therefore, it is not surprising that people treated him well, and even more so that everyone mourned his death. Superpower The main superpower that Alex will use throughout the game is empathy. If the person around her is experiencing any feelings, then she will be able to read his thoughts, which he is unlikely to be able to say out loud. However, if a person shows too strong feelings (anger, fear), Alex involuntarily begins to imitate movement and emotions. The most revealing moment is the beating of Gabe in his own home. Feeling angry, Alex, like a berserker, rushes at the fucker beating her brother, and beats him so much that she would have turned his snout into mincemeat, if not for her brother, who unknowingly got punched in the face by his angry sister. Or the very end of the first episode, when Alex *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*. I hope that Deck Nine will further reveal her abilities by giving her a couple more tricks, like they did with Max. That, in addition to simple rewinding, could completely stop time. And through photographs, jump into the past in order to change the present. I really hope that the developers will do this in the next episodes! Plot I don’t want to say everything about the plot (because I want to save that for a full review), but I will say that the first episode turned out to be solid. The main character, who had to rot in a boarding school for minors for eight years, comes, thanks to her brother, to some godforsaken city in order to hide her “curse” and start a new life. However! Dudes! This is Life is Strange! In these games, even a simple trip to the toilet ends in an attempt on someone's life. Because of her own strength, she is imbued with the anger of the asshole who beats her brother, and fucks him in much the same way as Warren fucked Nathan back in the day. And as a finishing touch, she had to save the skin of a boy who had lured himself into a hopeless situation, and together with him feel feelings of fear. Well, I liked the ending of the episode. I really thought that brother Alex was going to be fucked by some mambets somewhere in the alley, but it turned out that *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*. The brother's death isn't even close to being a spoiler! Deck Nine themselves spoil the beginning of the game on Steam, and on the box with the game. Well, the main moral choices, my respect! Even though there were only three of them per episode, in comparison with previous games, they were much heavier. Well, that is, what kind of cretin, instead of a kiss, will demand a bracelet or a tattoo from Rachel in the future? Who in their right mind would ignore Kate and not help morally? Or what kind of rat would want to steal money from a charitable foundation in order to supposedly solve his problems? Perhaps I praise moral choices too early (after all, this is just the first episode, but I want to believe that they will become even more difficult and complex. That's all the thoughts I wanted to express about the first episode of Life is Strange: True Colors! I don't know whether the game will grow for the better or for the worse, but the first episode was already intriguing. Well, I myself want to believe in Deck Nine! Who knows, maybe True Colors might turn out to be the best game in the Life is Strange series?