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bluescuti's Qualifier

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If you got a real mess and want to clean like the pros, then you’ve got to see this! Hi, Blue Scuti here with rolling, the best digging I’ve ever used. It has the strength and the muscle to dig up to 15 lines of garbage Look at this! Rolling attracts Bad stacking like a magnet! It doesn’t matter if it’s Missdrops, double spins, even missed tucks! Watch how this powerful speedy action pulls and cleans the dig from out of the carpet – just that quick. The secret is in the X27 NES technology, making Rolling over 27 times more playable than Dassing! Forget Das that just cant get the pieces over. And, unlike Tapping that smells, Rolling is odorfree and leaves a path of clean. Now, you could clean and dry and never leave anything behind! You’ll be amazed as just how much they dig – and they’re machine washable. Dry your entire CRT, even your dogplayingtetris! Use any cleaner for streak-free boards. An average family uses up to two rolls of Nes Tetris cords every week. That’s cash in the trash. Save money and even help save the environment. You get two jumbo Rollers plus three extra large for only $14.99. But call right now and I’ll send you another five Rollers absolutely free! That’s 10 Rollers for only $14.99! And as a special bonus, we’ll also include our Microrollers Microfiber Scooter free. It’s great for blinds, plants, glass, and more – and attracts just like a magnet! That’s a $60-value all for only $14.99. And here’s the best part: We’ll send you a set of Rollers free whenever you need them for life. Just pay shipping and processing. But you got to call now.