CTM February 2024

This is where you qualify for Classic Tetris Monthly.

If you don't know what that is, go here: ctm.gg

If you're brand new, here's the full rules.

The full qualifying rules are in the same link! ctm.gg/rules

  1. Click 'Start Qualifier' when you're, like, ready to actually qualify.
  2. You'll be taken to a screen that gives you an AUTH WORD. This will be used to timestamp your qualifying session.
  3. You'll also see the form to submit your scores and your VOD link and stuff.

Don't click the button below unless you're really ready to stream and ready to qualify.

Seriously. Stop now if you aren't going to qualify literally right now, for realsies.

Tournament Format

CTM Masters December 2023 is open to any playstyle and will feature a level 39 super killscreen, utilizing the 2X KS feature of Tetris Gym.

All lower tournaments will use their normal start level rules, and and a "just stop playing please" on level 39, unless both players have Tetris Gym, in which case they can also use the 2X KS feature on 39, if elected.

Dates and Location


Masters, Challengers, Futures, and Hopefuls are scheduled between the players in various Discord channels, so as to broadcast them one bracket at a time throughout the month. Be flexible please or vandy will delete server.

Community Tournaments will be restreamed throughout the month by volunteer restreamers.

http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris and/or http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris2

Qualifying for this event is closed.