CTM December 2021

Wow, it's time to qualify for Classic Tetris Monthly. Where does the time go?

How does this all work?

Everyone who submits a qualifier will get to a play in a tournament.

The top 15 qualifiers play in the very prestigious Masters Event. The next 16 play in something called the Challengers Circuit, and the winner of that thing also gets to play in the Main Event. These tournaments are played in their entirety on the first and second Saturdays of each month.

After that, there are 32 players in something called Futures Circuit, and then after that, there are multiple tiers of Community Tournaments. Matches from these tournaments are scheduled privately among players and restreamed on Twitch throughout the month by volunteers.

But, don't get bogged down by all that. All you have to know is: submit a qualifier to play Tetris against people, then figure it all out later.

Dates and Location


For December, we're gonna take you back to the past, and play the Challengers and Masters events on the 1st and 2nd Saturdays of the month. This is so we don't have scheduling issues during the winter holidays.

Saturday, December 4th - Challengers at 7pm UTC

Saturday, December 11th - Masters at 7pm UTC

The Futures and Community events will be restreamed throughout the month, per usual.

Blank's garage and/or http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris and/or http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris2

Qualifying for this event is closed.