CTM DAS Masters August 2024

This is where you qualify for CTM DAS MASTERS.

If you don't know what that is, go here: ctm.gg

If you're brand new, here's the full rules.

The full qualifying rules are in the same link! ctm.gg/rules

  1. Click 'Start Qualifier' when you're, like, ready to actually qualify.
  2. You'll be taken to a screen that gives you an AUTH WORD. This will be used to timestamp your qualifying session.
  3. You'll also see the form to submit your scores and your VOD link and stuff.

Don't click the button below unless you're really ready to stream and ready to qualify.

Seriously. Stop now if you aren't going to qualify literally right now, for realsies.

Tournament Format

CTM DAS MASTERS is open only to the DAS playstyle. Same piece sets, Input Display, Hz Counter, will all be used, so Tetris Gym with these features is required. The Top 16 players make it into the tournament, and there are no tiers below.

Dates and Location


DAS MASTERS is scheduled between the players in various Discord channels, so as to broadcast them one bracket at a time throughout the month. Be flexible please or vandy will delete server.

http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris and/or http://twitch.tv/MonthlyTetris2

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DAS Masters